2013-09-16 16:29 Jinan River CNC engraving machine to expand market share

2013-09-16 16:29Jinan River Cnc Engraving Machine to expand market share

CNC engraving machine is unavailable mechanized manufacturing an important tool for modernization are of great significance, in recent years, demand for engraving machine market located expanding market demand increasingly high, the traditional wood engraving machine, stone engraving machine industry is also gradually shift from the original low-end products for the production of high-end, sophisticated products, the market demand for high-end equipment to gradually shift, the total market growth retardation in the case of high-precision, intelligent cnc machine tool market share rise, CNC machine tools accounting for the proportion of total machine tool consumption up to 60% or more CNC machines to high-speed, precision, intelligent, efficient, and green direction, can be said that high-precision CNC machinery will be intelligent machine tool industry trends.

Jinan River CNC attaches great importance to product quality management, the company produced the series engraving machines are imported or industry best accessories, coupled with the company assembling technology class, product quality has been in the industry-leading level. While focusing on exploration and development of new CNC equipment, relying on the company’s strong R & D capabilities and technical strength, combined with customer requirements, increase research investment, innovative production process, with a series of breakthroughs in key technologies and independent production capabilities, Our products feature increasingly improved product quality and grades improved significantly.
In the pursuit of excellence in quality, continuously improve product service system, innovative service to make it more comprehensive and user-friendly, the company promises to all customers, product quality problems or have questions about the customer’s use of such circumstances, the Company shall be unconditional provide services to customers, until the customer satisfaction through excellent quality and service, with practical actions to win the market and customer acceptance, corporate reputation and economic benefits achieved rapid promotion, and sales in a competitive situation is grim circumstances, total sales achieved rapid growth with the number of orders gratifying situation, so that the rivers CNC engraving machine to further increase the proportion of the market share.

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