2013-10-06 14:59 Vigorously develop high-end stone engraving machine

2013-10-06 14:59Vigorously develop high-end stone engraving machine

For a long time, the market demand for stone carving machine is mostly in the low-end engraving machine, and for high-end products involving less, many customers buy Stone carving machine in the selection, mostly from simple hollow cutting, embossing, wire and other considerations, but still need a lot of manual operation in the actual use and production the degree of automation is not high, relatively widespread phenomenon in the market, this is also the domestic engraving machine has been.

With the rapid development of NC technology, more new stone engraving machine such as multi head automatic tool changing engraving machine and machining center has, compared with single head carving original machine these high-end engraving machine engraving more professional, in both processing speed and the processing craft was far superior to the single head carving machine. And the degree of automation of these new engraving machine is improved greatly, artificial cost is particularly important in the era of rapid growth, which is also an important reason for many buyers moved. With a lot of investment carving processing customers to expand production scale, engraving machine is simple and has been unable to meet their growing demand, process changes, the purchase of engraving machine model has become the trend.
Jinan River CNC firmly grasp the high-end stone engraving machine market opportunities , increase technological innovation, and actively seek breakthroughs in key technologies , and constantly improve their own independent R & D and production capacity, the company produces SH-1325, SH-1224ATC, SH-1218, SH-1224 stone engraving machine and other models , product quality and stable performance , cost-effective for customers to bring in huge profits.

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