5 gallon cap mould maker

 Sino package Co., Ltd which is specialized in packaging solution, offering cap mould, PET perform mould, blowing mold etc. We have accumulated much experience in making cap mould.

For the five gallon cap general can be divided into three parts, two parts and one part. For 5 gallon cap mould, using S136 steel as mould cavities/core inserts. We have made 8 cavities,16 cavities,32 cavities and 48 cavities.

Regard the 32 cavities five gallon cap mould, we test put on DKM500T injection molding machine, its cycle time is around 25 seconds, as five gallon cap sometimes request second ejection, so it longer the cycle time.

If you’re interested in five gallon cap mould, pls kindly contact with us.

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