5 Tips for Better Plastic Paint Pail Mold – Make Your Idea A Reality‎

SinoMould values its customers and insists in working for improving their products, production efficiency and competitiveness, so is it in plastic paint pail mold. That's why customers had an idea for a new paint pail that they came to SinoMould for help.


To make the plastic paint pail injection molding more valuable, SinoMould offers the 5 tips for making better paint pail mold, and the core is about effective communication besides mold tooling capacity of manufacturers.


1. Identify the Requirement for Plastic Pail


The first key tip of all is identifying the requirement for plastic pail and its production in short and/or long term. It should be clear enough for both of mold manufacturer and pail molder.

Such as the specification (volume, type, weight, color…) and performance (durable, temperature tolerance, stackable, seal…) of plastic pail, and the production capacity required to meet customer’s market, even about the future plan for new handle or lids or others.

So SinoMould engineers and designers could work for the best paint pail mold solution, which meets customer’s plastic pail production requirement under the budget range.


2. Confirm Optimal Plastic Pail Mold Design


As the effective communication on the plastic pail project, it would be much easier for optimal pail mold design. But it’s also should be confirmed by both of sides. Just when the customer is green hand, SinoMould would make an important list for notice, which could help the customer learn more about his/her plastic paint pail mold.

And for professional pail molder, it would be good chance for efficient mold improvement for higher mold performance.

As this is the key process for making the good plastic pail mold, so SinoMold usually would analyze the mold rigorously by software and experienced engineers and designers. It could avoid rework in future process to save customer’s time.


3. Regular Feedback for Both Sides


Communicating between customers and sales for plastic pail mold status is better to be on a routine basis. Such as offer and reply progress report by e-mail weekly. It would help to see what will happen and solve any problems at once.


4. Clear Operation and Maintenance for Pail Mold

Mold manufacturer should provide the clear guidelines on how to operate and maintain its plastic paint pail mold, it could help molder use mold well for its efficient pail production. And also avoid terrible cost just because of the improper maintenance or wrong operation. Thus, suggest that the plastic pail molders ask for the mold operation and maintenance manual for a better production in the long term.


5. Do Not Make The Low Price As All


There are suitable price for reasonable mold, if the price is lower much, then it may means much cost during the production at customer’s factory. Then you will find the suitable price is really worth.


After reading this 5 tips for better plastic paint pail mold, are you interested in learning more about how SinoMould make the good plastic pail mold, or the complete line for pail molding? Contact us today, SinoMould sales team will get back to you quickly.

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