Air Conditioning Copper Tube Length

Air conditioning is a very common type of electrical appliances in the home. After many people buy air conditioners, they will find the masters of the manufacturers to install them. After all, this professional electrical installation project is still quite complicated, and they really do not have the ability to get it. In the process of installing air conditioners, air-conditioning copper pipes are a very important part. In some cases, copper pipes need to be lengthened, and some masters will tell you that the length of air-conditioning copper pipes is as good as possible. Is this the case?

First, copper pipes are important raw materials for the processing and manufacturing of refrigeration equipment. They are mainly used for two purposes:

1. Make a heat exchanger. It is an important part of the evaporator and condenser of the air conditioner.

2. Make connecting pipes and fittings.

Second, how many meters is the standard length of the connecting pipe for indoor and outdoor air conditioners?

The standard length of the connecting pipeline of the household split type room air conditioner is 5 meters according to the requirements of industry or national standards. 1 (cooling capacity: 2300W) to 5 (cooling capacity: 12500W-13000W), in the actual installation process, should be controlled within 5 meters. After exceeding the standard length of 5 meters, the additional refrigerant should be referred to according to the requirements of the operation process according to the specifications of the gas pipe connecting the pipelines. The additional refrigerants of the different gas pipes are as follows: 16g/Φ9.52mm per meter, per meter, 16g/Φ12. 70mm trachea per meter, 18g / Φ 15.88mm trachea per meter. To ensure air conditioning performance.

Third, the longer the air conditioning copper tube, the better?

In fact, the long copper tube of air conditioning will not only affect the working efficiency of the air conditioner, but also cost a lot of equipment, which will reduce the service life of the air conditioner. In fact, this is the same as drinking water in a straw in our daily life – drinking water with a straw of 10cm long and drinking water with a straw of 1m is still quite big.

The air-conditioning copper pipe is mainly connected to the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. The refrigerant flowing inside is the refrigerant (Freon). If the copper pipe line is too long, the refrigerant will flow at a slower speed, resulting in no refrigerant in the air-conditioning compressor. The method is fully vaporized, and there will still be liquid refrigerant, which will undoubtedly increase the load on the compressor and is very expensive.

In addition, if the copper pipe is too long, the air conditioner may cause an increase in the suction superheat of the compressor during cooling, and the refrigeration effect is getting worse. In the same way, when the air conditioner is heated, it will also cause heat loss, so no matter which case, it will reduce the working efficiency of the air conditioner.

Is it reliable to join and have enough refrigerant? It turns out that it is unreliable. The air conditioner’s refrigerant is not as good as possible, because the compressors of different air conditioners are different in size, and the heat exchange of the evaporator and condenser of the air conditioner is fixed. If the refrigerant is excessive, it may cause The cooling capacity of the air conditioner becomes smaller, and it is easy to appear that the compressor overload protection or even the burning is dangerous.

Usually, the on-hook air conditioner can only be extended by up to 6m, and the cabinet air conditioner can also not exceed 8m. In addition, for every 1m length, the air conditioner needs to be supplemented with the corresponding refrigerant.

Forth, how many meters does the air conditioner need to be replenished after lengthening the copper pipe?

According to the air conditioning installation or maintenance process (national standards or industry-related standards): When the air-conditioning installation indoor and outdoor machine connection pipeline exceeds the standard length of more than 5 meters, the refrigerant should be replenished in time. According to different pipeline specifications or air conditioning models with different cooling capacity, electronic scales are used to quantitatively add refrigerant to ensure air conditioning performance (cooling and heating effect). Otherwise, when the air conditioner is lengthened, the refrigerant will not be replenished in time. Low cooling or heating operating pressures have always affected performance.

Fifth, how to judge the quality of copper tubes in the living room?

1. the surface

To determine the quality of the copper tube, the first step is to look at the inner and outer surfaces of the copper tube. It should usually be clean, bright, without obvious oxidative discoloration, no blisters, pinholes, cracks, peeling, air bubbles, blackening and green rust. Bumps, die marks, etc.; the inner surface should not have defects such as wrinkles, scratches, pits, and obvious ring marks. If there is no obvious defect above, and the hand feels smooth, the surface is purple-red, the light is consistent, and the judgment is preliminary.

2. performance

Copper is very ductile and plastic, so it is also a good way to check the performance of the copper tube by bending. Generally, the copper tubes processed and formed are mainly divided into hard, semi-hard and soft states. The ductility and plastic flexibility of the copper tubes in different states are also different. The most commonly used soft copper tubes are very easy to bend and maintain. If it does not break, when it is bent, the surface of the copper tube is cracked or broken, indicating that the quality of the copper tube is not too good.

3. inspection

To truly determine the quality of the copper tube, it is also necessary to identify by measuring the dimensional deviation, chemical composition, mechanical properties, process properties, grain size, eddy current testing and other means.

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