All-electric injection moulder has 1g

An all-electric injection moulding machine, producing parts of a shot weight under 1g at a running cost of 0.6kW/h, has solved a problem in making complex push cap tops.

Ricoh UK Products purchase of MCP’s compact 12/90 HSE injection moulding machine has solved a problem in making complex push cap tops Ricoh operates a ‘lean manufacturing’ approach in its Moulding Department at Telford, UK, where parts for photocopiers and consumables are manufactured in-house

The push caps for toner cartridges were originally produced using a four-cavity mould on a 250kN (25 tonf) hydraulically operated plastics injection moulder.

The part was ejected from the tool with the sprue and runner and therefore required an operator to detach them.

Unless this process was carried out very carefully, it caused quality issues.

Parts engineering manager, Phil Ludgate, and his team, investigated alternative methods of production.

The outcome was the installation of an all-electric 12/90 HSE compact injection moulding machine from MCP Tooling Technologies.

Since its installation, the 12/90 HSE has allowed Ricoh to develop tooling and processes on a number of other small parts as well as the push cap.

According to Ludgate, parts of a small shot size, and of various materials, are easily accommodated by this machine.

which offers a cost effective solution to what was needed at Ricoh.

Ludgate said that the original concept was to use the machine as a development tool under laboratory conditions, however, Ricoh soon had a need to put it into mass production.

The ability to work closely with MCP and the toolmaker was a major factor in Ricoh’s decision in selecting this machine.

Ludgate explained: "We were able to prove the tooling and process at MCP prior to accepting the machine for delivery.

A vast amount of training and ‘hand holding’ was given by MCP, which ensured we were able to get the best out of the 12/90 HSE, and being able to fully get to know the advantages and difference an all electric machine could give".

He added: "We have found it to be the ideal solution for the introduction of a new type of process".

In summary, the MCP 12/90 HSE machine gives Ricoh the ability to produce parts of a shot weight of less than 1g, with a very low running cost of just 0.6kW/h.

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