Apple’s new patent shows a folding screen phone similar to Surface Duo

Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola have all launched their own folding-screen phones, while Microsoft has launched the dual-screen phone “Surface Duo” as a foldable device. What about Apple? It may opt for a similar approach to Microsoft, new patent filings suggest.

According to Apple Insider, the new patent details show that Apple will use two screens to help fold the phone. The two screens will be equipped with corresponding sensors. After being close together, the edges can be detected between the screens, and then the pictures will be spliced ​​together, and the pictures can be displayed across the two screens. After the screens are separated, they can work independently.

In addition to being used for foldable devices, Apple’s patent also applies to two separate devices, such as using multiple iPhones or iPads to piece together a wall. In addition, the patent’s example image shows a protective case similar to the iPad Smart Cover for carrying such a device.

Of course, this is still one of Apple’s many patents, and it’s still unclear what changes will be made in the future. However, we may be able to learn from it that Apple’s attitude towards foldable screens, after all, the current foldable screen mobile phones are frequently out of the package, which greatly affects the user experience.

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