Assembly method of brake beam in vehicle

The brake beam in the vehicle is assembled by a composite brake plate that rubs against the wheels and a welded brake beam. When designing, it is necessary to consider the structural strength of the brake beam and the friction performance of the composite brake pad material. At present, nearly 10,000 reducers installed and used in China all use brake rails processed from ordinary steel rails.

In order to adapt the newly designed brake beam to the existing reducer, the following design principles should be met when designing the brake beam: 1. Seamless connection with various types of reducer equipment. 2. Meet the requirements of structural strength and connection strength of the reducer in use. 3. It is convenient to install, replace and maintain the composite brake pad.

Composite materials should have the characteristics of preventing overspeed and reducing noise. However, the scope of use of composite materials also has certain limitations. When used as a material for the splint of a reducer, some wheels have flashes rolled out of the tread, which are very sharp and severely shear the composite material, resulting in a short service life of the splint, which is not suitable for direct use. In contrast, metal materials have high hardness and good shear resistance, and by adjusting the composition, organization, structure and other parameters of the metal materials, the anti-over and noise reduction performance of the reducer can also be significantly improved.

Therefore, after a large number of experiments, it was found that it is necessary to combine the advantages of the two, using metal materials as the base and composite materials as fillers to form an integral composite brake pad that is resistant to shear and wear resistance and has the function of adjusting the friction coefficient. structure. In this type of structure, the composite material no longer bears the load, but mainly plays the role of adjusting the coefficient of friction.

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