Auto parts marketing strategy

With the changes in market demand, timely adjustment of prices to adapt to market tolerance is also one of the marketing strategies. Realize large-scale operation in the form of a combination of industry and trade to expand the maintenance market. At the same time, it organizes the ordering of repair parts by itself, and establishes self-sales outlets in the form of direct supply. Although some large companies have put their main business on an important decision-making position in recent years, they have taken effective measures to focus on the marketing of auto parts, especially a group of prefecture-level companies that have accumulated experience and achieved significant benefits, but in the end, they are stuck in the city. , It is also difficult to form a strong sales group. The socially operated multi-channel auto parts outlets spontaneously united and integrated the distribution, and gradually formed a large-scale operation. On the one hand, they organized a unified purchase and distributed sales “community”, forming a batch advantage, sharing price concessions, and striving to become a major manufacturer and a famous brand. Agents: On the one hand, it replaces its outdated business model with new measures such as flexible operation and high-quality services, which makes the industrial production sector look up to the eye.

The auto parts business has shifted from decentralization to concentration, and the state-owned auto parts franchise company has developed from small-scale operation to large-scale operation. As the main business of revitalizing auto parts business, it insists on selective unified distribution and expands the scale of varieties. Jiangsu Province Auto Parts Company highlights the key points, 1996 Sales exceeded 200 million yuan. The market is composed of many factors. Users are the main body. Customers’ buying behavior and buying psychology are often affected by many factors such as financial strength, brand, quality, price, and performance of the products they want to buy. When financial strength becomes the main factor in determining purchasing power, the price of the product will play a very important role. Therefore, under the conditions of a buyer’s market, the focus of competition for similar products in the same industry is reflected in the product price, which is very intuitive and clear. For automotive parts and parts machining, PTJ Shop offers the highest degree of OEM service with a basis of 10+ years experience serving the automotive industry. Our automotive precision shop and experts deliver confidence. We have perfected the art of producing large component volumes with complete JIT reliability, backed by the quality and long-term reliability our customers expect.

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