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 silicone rubber is a new type of polymeric elastic material with excellent high temperature (250-300 degrees C) and low temperature (-40-60 degrees C) function.

Silicone rubber has excellent physiological stability, and it can be subjected to repeated repeated harsh and disinfection conditions, with excellent resilience and permanent deformation small (200 degrees C 48 hours not more than 50%),

Silicone rubber also has a breakdown voltage of (20-25KV/mm), ozone-resistant, UV-resistant. Radiation resistance and other characteristics, special silicone rubber has oil-resistant function.

Silicone tube is widely used for the automotive field ,which will be the direction of silicone tube development.

Automotive silicone tube is used for the transport of gases, liquids and other silicone rubber products, it composed of internal and external adhesive layer and skeleton layer. skeleton layer material is also made from polyester cloth, aramid cloth, polyester cloth and so on. Automotive silicone tube internal and external adhesive materials are made from ordinary silicone raw materials, oil hose, acid-alkali resistance, high temperature-resistant automotive tubes using fluorine silicone.

As an important part of automobile, silicone tube is distributed in engine, chassis and body.It plays the role of conveying oil, gas, water and transmission power, It maintains the safety and performance of the automobile.

Now a car must use at least 20 m hose, luxury car with the number of hose combinationhashast has reached more than 80 meters, no less than 10 kinds.

Automotive hose in the shape of a straight tube and special type tube, according to pressure is divided into high-pressure, low-pressure, vacuum, according to the performance of the medium has oil and water, heat-resistant heat dissipation, cooling, cooling,

All kinds of new hoses are moving towards the field of high-tech.

JE auto silicone hose

Material : high grade silicone

Reinforcement : Polyester/Aramid

Reinforced layers : 3/4/5 ply or as customized

Working Temperature : – 60°C to +260°C

Inner Diameter : 6mm-152mm as customer’s requirement

Length : any bespoke length is available

Standard Color Option : Blue/Red/Black

Other Color Option : Green/Yellow/Orange/Purple/Pink etc


Product Application :

90 degree elbow reducer silicone tube  are used for carrying water or air in cooling system and intake system for Automobile,Truck,Tuning Racing Car, Motorcycle, Marine Vehicles,Rail Vehicles,Commercial Vehicles,Construction Machinery, Agricultural Machinery,Industrial Equipment or any machine which needs 90 degree elbow connectors.


Why choose us?

Q: Are You Trading Company Or Factory?

A: We Are Factory and Trading Company Located in Hebei Province, the North of China. 

Q: What’s the MOQ?

A: Usually, Our MOQ Is 50pcs to 100pcs. Depends on Different Models. Or If Some Items Are in Stock, less Quantity Can Be  Accepted, too. Pls Feel Free to Contact Us for Checking.

Q: What’s the Delivery Time?

 A: Usually, It’s 15 days to 20 days. Please Confirm With us before Order.

Q: What’s the Delivery Terms?

 A: We Accept FOB, EXW and CIF.

Q: What’s the Payment Terms?

A: We Accept T/T, LC, Paypal, Western Union and Alipay. Usually, It’s 30% Deposit and the Balance before Shipment by T/T. L/C for Large Amount. Then Paypal, Western Union, Paypal and Alipay Are for Small  Amount.


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