Beijing’s tax management has entered the blockchain era, and the first electronic invoice has a wide range of uses

On March 10th, Beijing issued the first blockchain Electronic ordinary invoice, which means that Beijing tax service management has officially entered the blockchain era.

It is understood that the Beijing Municipal Taxation Bureau will gradually carry out the pilot promotion of blockchain electronic general invoices throughout the city. At present, some taxpayers have selected parking general invoices and scenic park tickets to start promotion, and taxpayers in other industries will be promoted in due course later. Included in the pilot scope of blockchain electronic ordinary invoices.

Blockchain electronic invoice is to use blockchain distributed ledger, encryption algorithm and other technologies to ensure the issuance, storage, transmission, anti-counterfeiting and information security of electronic invoices, and to build a “trinity” of tax authorities, issuers, and invoice recipients. ecology. The blockchain electronic invoice can realize the functions of invoice application, issuance, inspection, and entry on the biller chain, realize the storage, circulation and reimbursement on the biller chain, and also realize the paperless intelligent tax management of the tax bureau. There is no need to purchase any special hardware equipment and professional equipment, which can achieve the purpose of high efficiency and low cost. Since 2018, Shenzhen, Guangdong and Fujian have successively launched blockchain electronic invoice pilots.

Blockchain electronic invoices can be used in city-wide parking lots

In early March, Beijing’s first blockchain electronic ordinary invoice was issued in the parking lot of Hanwei International Plaza. The Beijing Municipal Taxation Bureau announced on March 4 that in the future, the parking lot in the city can realize the automatic integration of charging and invoicing. Citizens do not need to wait for an invoice after scanning the code to pay the fee. They can issue and save blockchain invoices online, and do not need to save paper. Invoices, the ticketing experience is further optimized.

Many blockchain electronic invoices are launched mainly because the blockchain can solve the pain points of traditional electronic invoices. “The biggest advantage of blockchain electronic invoices is that blockchain technology ensures the authenticity, uniqueness and traceability of electronic invoices, which can eliminate illegal and criminal problems such as false invoice issuance and multiple issuance of one invoice, and achieve efficient management of national taxation. ” Li Lianxuan, chief researcher of the Hong Kong-listed company Ouke Group Research Institute, said in an interview with reporters: On the one hand, blockchain technology has the characteristics of non-tampering, which ensures the authenticity of the source of the invoice; on the other hand, the blockchain consensus mechanism Realize “transaction is billing”, to achieve the unification of capital flow and invoice flow, all information is recorded on the blockchain, to ensure the uniqueness of the invoice; and the traceability of the blockchain allows tax authorities to trace the source of the invoice , authenticity and reimbursement information, so that tax authorities can achieve borderless and cross-border monitoring.

In early February, relevant documents issued by the Beijing Municipal Government clearly stated that it is necessary to build a blockchain-based supply chain credit and debt platform to provide financing services for small, medium and micro enterprises participating in government procurement and state-owned enterprise procurement. On February 7th, Beijing’s blockchain-based supply chain credit and debt platform was officially launched. The platform uses the Beijing Small and Micro Financial Services Platform under Beijing Financial Holdings Group as a unified entrance, and realizes government and state-owned enterprise procurement through the underlying technology of blockchain. Confirm the rights of contract accounts receivable, and aggregate various financial resources such as financing guarantees and asset management to quickly provide a full range of supply chain financial services for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The relevant person in charge of Beijing Financial Holding Group told reporters that Beijing Financial Holding Group cooperated closely with Haidian District to quickly launch a blockchain-based supply chain platform in Beijing, and take advantage of the technical advantages of blockchain data that cannot be tampered with to realize accounts receivable The on-chain storage, synchronous update and efficient circulation of core data such as information and contract information helps small, medium and micro enterprises to obtain fast and efficient financing support by using the strong credit of core enterprises.

‘Directory Blockchain’ Shares in 10 Minutes

From the convenience of people’s lives to the protection of enterprise production, the “C-terminal no sense” blockchain is playing a growing application value in Beijing.

In 2019, Beijing focused on building a “directory blockchain” system. According to the introduction of the Beijing Municipal People’s Government website, the system has established a new model for sharing and assessing government affairs data based on duties, so as to realize unified scheduling, management and control of government affairs data.

The “directory blockchain” has played an important role in the construction of big data in Beijing. According to the official website of the Beijing Economic and Information Bureau, the “directory blockchain” realizes the functions, catalogs and data “on-chain” locking of 53 departments, realizing real-time detection of data changes, full traces of data access, and orderly data sharing. Association, carrying the city’s big data confirmation and decentralization management and control mechanism.

As a back-end system, “directory blockchain” also plays a significant role in front-end work. More and more municipal units experience the benefits brought by blockchain. “directory blockchain” enables data to be stored in Share in 10 minutes.

In the context of the resumption of work and production across the country, many companies are facing the urgent need to apply for invoices. Blockchain electronic invoices play an important role in the epidemic because there is no need to collect tickets and purchase special equipment, there is no limit on the number of tickets and quotas, there is no natural contact, and there will be no “invoice shortage”.