Benchmarking questions in precision CNC machining manufacturing

With the current era of more and more high-tech, there are very new products, and precision cnc machining has been reused by many people. So do you know the benchmark? 
1. Beijing Precision Machining Design BenchmarkThe basis used on the part drawing to determine the position of other points, lines, and faces is called the design basis. For precision machined bushing parts, the design basis of each outer and inner hole is the axial line of the part, the end face A is the design reference of the end faces B, C, and the axis of the inner hole is the reference of the outer ring radial runout.
2. ProcessThe benchmark used in the machining and assembly process of precision machining parts in Beijing is called the process benchmark. Process benchmarks are divided into assembly benchmarks, measurement benchmarks, and positioning benchmarks depending on the application. (1) Assembly basis The reference used in assembly to determine the position of a part in a part or product is called an assembly basis.(2) Measurement standard The reference used to check the size and position of the machined surface is called the measurement reference. The inner bore axis is a measurement reference for testing the radial runout of the outer circle; the surface A is a measurement reference for checking the length L dimension l and .1. Machine tool compound technology is further expanded With the advancement of cnc machine tool technology, composite processing technology is becoming more and more mature, including milling-vehicle compounding, turning-milling compounding, car-镗-drill-gear processing and other composites, car grinding compounding, forming compound processing, special composite processing. Etc., the efficiency of precision machining is greatly improved.2. The intelligent technology of CNC machine tools in Beijing has made new breakthroughs and has been more reflected in the performance of CNC systems. Such as: automatic adjustment of interference anti-collision function, workpiece automatically exits safety zone power-off protection function after power-off, machining part detection and automatic compensation learning function, intelligently improve the function and quality of the machine tool. There is also a five-axis linkage high-speed machining center.3. The robot makes the flexible combination higher. The flexible combination of the robot and the host is widely used, which makes the flexible line more flexible, the function is further expanded, the flexible line is further shortened, and the efficiency is higher. Robotic and machining centers, turning and milling machine tools, grinding machines, gear processing machines, tool grinding machines, electric machining machines, sawing machines, stamping machines, laser processing machines, water cutting machines, etc. have begun to be applied in various forms of flexible units and flexible production lines.
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