Best cooling system for crate mould

China Mould–the leading company in making plastic crate mould, collapsible container mould, bulk mould, folding box mould and etc.

Thanks to the rich experience in making crate moulds, China design the best structure for crate mould.
Cooling system:

We connect the water channel input and output as many circuit as possible. That is mean to make the crate mold with more separate cooling connections.
For the crate mold core, design the cooling channel up to surface 15mm below the molding surface. And the diameter of the crate mold cooling channel should be more than 12mm diameter, so that the water can run flow smoothly in the channel while take away the heat from the core.
For the crate mold sliders, also, make the cooling channel more close to the crate molding area.
For the crate mold cavity cooling, also should design the best cooling for cool down the hot runner tip area.
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