Best design for crate mould

Plastic crate mould design is very important, it is better to use a mechanical system onto the crate mould ejection, in this way, you can make the ejection action when the mould opening. Of course, maybe your machine can work with the 2 hydraulic acting in the same time, then you can do the ejection when the mould opening.

A very special hot filling runner system is very important, especially you will use the recycle raw material for the one-time using crate and you want to get a high production performance crate mould.

This also a very important issue for venting solutions of plastic crate mould handles area. Because when people carry the crate, the 2 handles area will be the biggest force focused. If on the mould, this area’s air venting is not perfect, there will be a very obviously jointing line. The damage always come from this line.

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