binder releases multi-position M12 panel mount connectors

binder releases multi-position M12 panel mount connectors

The two-piece M12 panel mount connectors – with square-flange housings and multi-position, lockable A-coding – aim to simplify secure sensor/actuator connections, in applications such as factory automation and robotics.

binder writes:

The 763 series includes M12 A signal connectors equipped with 4, 5 and 8 pins as well as single wires or solder contacts. The single-wire version has a square housing 20 mm or 26 mm wide. In the variant with solder contacts, it measures 20 mm. The 26-mm square housing of the M12 single-wire version has the same drilling scheme as that of the M16 form factor. This allows users to switch between the design sizes without having to adapt existing housings, for example of field devices such as sensor/actuator boxes.

In terms of the technical details, the connectors are specified for a maximum wire gauge of 0.25 mm2 (AWG 24). In all 4-pin and 5-pin versions, the rated currents reach 4 A (3 A UL), 2 A (1,5 A UL) with 8. The rated voltages are 250 V (4-pin), 60 V (5-pin) and 30 V (8-pin). The corresponding rated impulse voltages are specified as 2500 V, 1500 V and 800 V, respectively.

They are designed for operating temperatures from -40 °C to +85 °C, and meet the density requirements of IP69.

You can read more on the binder website.