bus chair mold

Are you searching for bus chair mold supplier in china?
How to order high quality standard plastic bus chair molds?
Which kind of legless bus chair mold to be good?

Sino mould is chair mold expert to offer various bus chair molds and bus chair molding service. For bus chair mold, like no leg bus chair mold, steel leg chair mold, PC chair mold and so on. With bus chair mold, usually we select DIN 2738 or 718H or P20 for mould steel. We develop the mould with good structure and cooling system, the bus chair mold molding cycle time would be 40-50 seconds. We can deliver bus chair mold within 50-70days.
We also have the ability and facility to offer with bus chair molding service, if you need high standard bus chair mold or bus chair molding service, pls sincerely contact with us.
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