Buyer’s Guide: The Mini Order Quantity Of Customized Silicone Bag

What is your Mini Order Quantity(MOQ)?Is it posible to custom?Here are two questions saleman of Weishun frequently be asked.Weishun is a manufacturer can provide custom logo, custom color service.What is tte MOQ of our custom products?silicone bags, for example.We have silicone beach bags, silicone shopping bags, silicone side shoulder women bag, silicone promotional gift coin urse etc.Fashion Waterproof Beach BagSilicone beach bag, rainbow color. It is a waterproof bag can protect things inside. It is a good for carrying things on beach. Moq of this customized beach bag is 500 pcs.Silicone Bag Big Size For Storaging Vegetable & FruitsThis bag with big space, can storage many vegetables and fruits. And it is reusable, choosing it,  you can declease the frequency of using single-use Plastic bags. The MOQ of this shopping bag is 1000 pcs.Fashion Ladies Purses HandbagsAs for this women side shoulder handbag, it is very popular. Its MOQ is 2 pcs. But if you want to custom logo and color, the mini order quantity of this customized bag is 500 pcs.These silicone bag we have production mold tool, custom logo, custom color orders are welcome. Interest in them? Why not send me a message?

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