Can china Company Accept Small Dealers’s Small Order?

What is the the mini order quantity of silicone products?For most factories, they will not accept order which is lower than one thousand pieces.Is there any factory can accept a small order of several hundred pieces goods?It is a question for small dealers who want to purchase goods with a lower price.Weishun Silicone Technology Company is a factory who can satisfy small dealer's need of small order sometimes.There are mainly two kinds of buyers visited and inquired our website: big international tradesmen and small dealers.They are different. The international trademen generally need large volum of goods. As for dealers, they have a great demands of creative unique products.I noticed that the inquiry from small dealers is increasing quickly in recent six months. As we can see, young entrepreneur, who also are new dealers are active on internet social communication platform such as  Instagram        Twitter           Facebook 
And I conjecture that the need of new design creative silicone products will be larger in the next months due there are a rapid increase number of new small dealers.The online selling products new small dealers sold is change quickly. So for those people who sells products on social communication platform, suppliers who can satisfy their need of various kinds of style but a small quantity is necessary.Who can satisfy their need?
In recent years, silicone products is become more and more popular.Promotional gift silicone night light, for example:Only on last month, our salesman receiving over 50 guests who are interest in our silicone material night light. Eighty percent of them are need less than 1000 pieces night lamps.Their need is satisfied lastly.If you are a buyer want to put a small order less than 1000 pcs, why not contact us for more informations? 

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