Can precision CNC parts be machined to any materials ?

As cnc machining parts processing industry is getting better and better, many processing industries are getting better and better. For example, precision CNC machined parts processing is one of them, then some people will ask, it can process any materials, and I don't. Know, let's take a look at it together.
 Conventional hardware and plastic materials can be processed. Commonly processed metal materials are: Aluminum alloy, stainless steel, 45 # steel, Tool steels, copper, Brass, iron, 
Precision CNC machining parts processing:Commonly processed plastic materials are: ABS, PMMA (acrylic), PC,  PA (nylon), POM (white/ black ), PP, PU, PEEK, photosensitive resin, wood, PTFE, bakelite, epoxy, PVC Board and so on. The above is the material that can be processed by precision parts processing. Not all materials can be processed. Does this not become omnipotent ? Every material is suitable for it, so that it can be processed. It is just like a person, and life habits are difficult to modify.
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