Car radiator performance is the main factor affecting the cooling water temperature of car engine

The performance of automobile radiator is the main factor that affects the cooling water temperature of automobile engine. There are two main materials used for car radiators: aluminum and copper. The former is used in general passenger cars and the latter is used in large commercial vehicles. At present, the development direction of automobile technology is light, efficient and economical. Automobile radiator materials and manufacturing processes are constantly adapting to new requirements. Under the premise of ensuring sufficient heat dissipation capacity and strength, the volume is smaller, the weight is lighter, and the heat dissipation efficiency is smaller. Higher has become the trend of radiator development. In this paper, the problem of high water temperature of 6DL engine is studied and tested. Through the comparative analysis of wind tunnel test results of copper and aluminum radiator, the measures and schemes for technical improvement are determined, which is useful for solving the problem of high cooling water temperature of 6DL engine. Significance.

Investigation and analysis of the problem of high water temperature of 6DL engine Through the follow-up investigation of the after-sales service department and users in Henan, Hebei, Shaanxi and other places, we learned that the high-horsepower model of the factory generally has high water temperature when climbing in the summer with high temperatures. . Find out the reason for the high water temperature through investigation and analysis: check whether the fins of the heat sink core of the water tank and the heat sink core of the intercooler are blocked by stolen goods, causing poor fan ventilation. After asking the customer to clean the water tank thoroughly with a high-pressure water gun from the inside out, and then reinstall it on the car, the tracking test found that the water temperature was still relatively high. The fins of the radiator core and the fins of the heat dissipating core of the intercooler are blocked by dirt and cause poor heat dissipation. The problematic engine fan has been checked and there is no damage problem, so it can also be ruled out that the engine fan is damaged and the fan’s poor air extraction capacity can be ruled out. ) Check the internal reason of the engine: After inquiring with the technicians of Xichai R&D department, when the water temperature of the engine is lower than 76℃, the engine is in a small cycle state. When the water temperature reaches 76℃, the thermostat will automatically open, and when the water temperature reaches 86℃, The thermostats are all open. The engine of the vehicle with high water temperature was thoroughly inspected and debugged, and it was found that both the large and small circulation systems of the engine were working normally.

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