Car tire maintenance skills

Everyone who has a car family knows that the maintenance of car tires is also very important! It’s like human shoes. Wearing a pair of comfortable shoes, we can go farther, don’t you think so? In fact, we often encounter such a problem in our lives. Why do you buy the same car at the same time and why other people’s tires are still good? Why do you have to replace your own tires?
First of all, the *intuitive difference lies in maintenance. If you maintain it well, tire wear will be reduced. So how can we extend the service life of tires? Let’s get into the topic now.
We want to know the precautions about car tires.
1. It is necessary to monitor the tire pressure of the car tires regularly to prevent the risk of puncture due to excessive tire pressure.
2. The front and rear tires must be interchanged, because the degree of wear in each place will be different. We do this to prevent uneven wear of the front and rear tires.
3. For new drivers, due to lack of experience, they often step on emergency brakes. In fact, this will cause great damage to tire wear.
4. It is forbidden to install different types of tires on the same car. Even if the parameters of the car tire are the same, the tire’s tread pattern and quality are different, which will make the car condition unbalanced.

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