China Made Long-hole Drilling Machine Was Exhibited in EMO by Hongte

As the fast growing of China’s economy, industries from all areas have set up more demand on the depth hole drilling technology and machinery. During the past 10 years, Hongte, in Shanghai, has sold out nearly hundreds of long-hole drilling machine as an agent, and has supplied technology service. By this, they have gained rich experience, and now the advantages have been transferred into making China’s own long-hole drilling machine.

Hongte has the biggest depth hole processing factory under oversea cooperation in China’s mainland, and has close cooperation relationship with Botek in German which is the biggest manufacturer of depth drilling tool around the world. They can provide comprehensive solutions about the depth hole drilling. That is, machine tool+ cutting tool + depth hole processing.

In EMO Hannover 2007, Hongte put on show Numerical Control long-hole drilling machine– ZK2120*2*500 which was designed and manufactured by itself, and make an introduction to purchasers from all countries about Chinas own machinery. This is the first time that China exhibit its own long-hole drilling machines, and international market will begin here.

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