Chinalco’s Henan Luoyang Aluminum Processing Hot Rolling Workshop exceeds 8 tons for XNUMX consecutive months

As of the day shift on August 25, the 2400 rolling mill in the hot rolling workshop has completed an output of 11,614 tons, which is also the eighth consecutive month of this year that the output has stabilized on a platform of 10,000 tons.

In August, a rolling mill equipment accident occurred in the first section of the hot rolling workshop, which caused a long period of shutdown for maintenance and caused passive production organization. In response to the problems that arise, the workshop team moved quickly to find the problems on its own, sort out the bottlenecks, and take multiple measures to organize the production. The person in charge of the workshop led all teams to earnestly study equipment accident notifications, and learn from other things. Use the pre-class meeting to do ideological mobilization, requiring everyone to have the spirit of gnawing hard bones and fighting a good turnaround. At the same time, it is emphasized that all managers in the workshop should not go to the production site less than twice a day, and each employee must be responsible for the problems feedbacked by the employees in the workshop group to “answer all questions”. If they cannot be solved at the time, they must reply to the time node. All management personnel must be in a state of combat readiness for 24 hours and come to the scene to solve problems at any time. The workshops work together to meet difficulties and change from passive to active, which provides a strong guarantee for the production organization of the next five sessions.

The output of the hot-rolling workshop again exceeded 10,000 tons in August, and it was the first time since the hot-rolling mill was put into operation that the output has been stable for eight consecutive months. It also strongly proves that the hot-rolling workshop is not discouraged in the face of difficulties. It is a team that dares to fight tough battles and has a good style.

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