Chinese multi-PET preform mold production line

Sino Holdings have a branch of Sino-package mould production factory. We are a professional perform mold, caps mold, blowing mold, test tube mold, IML system solution mold manufacturer.

Most of our customer requirement is 12cavities and 24 cavities. The cycle time of 12cavities is 10-12s. The 24cavities only need 12~14s.If your production quantity is very high we could also supply 48cavities. Greatly shorten the cycle time. The maximum cavity we make at present is 120 cavities. Valve gate system design for material sealing. Precise temperature controlling for multi-cavities mould.
Cavities and cores use Stavax420 stainless steel, tem pered with HRC 50±2.Use Anole hot heat brand system.
We could also manufacture caps mold, closure mold,blowing mold for bottle production line.
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