Chinese technology company replaces 90% of workers with robots, production increases 250%.

As microprocessors become smaller and more powerful, the potential applications become far more diverse. One such application is the use of robotics in the industrial sector. With the possibility of increased efficiency 

and a lower margin of error, robots taking the place of human labor in certain sectors is inevitable. Once only capable of the simplest tasks, the robots of today are becoming more and more sophisticated, and far more 

capable. These technological achievements have given many Industrialists the choice to replace large percentages of their workforce with low variable cost advanced machinery. 

At a time when the attitude towards industrial labor is becoming volatile, the Changying Precision Technology Company has decided to make the leap and replace 90% of their 650 employees with robots. They have 

been rewarded for that decision with a 250% increase in production efficiency and a decrease in product defects from 25% to 5% . General Manager Luo Weiqiang has even said employment still has the potential to 

decrease another 66%. With such staggering results, similar industries are destined to follow suit and replace more industrial workers with automated machines. 

More developments such as this are certain with the implementation of initiatives such as “Made in China 2025” and Germany’s “Industry 4.0”. These Initiatives essentially outline plans to reinvent the Industrial sector 

using modern information and to do so using clean energy. With a complete overhaul of the methods of production there is no telling the capabilities of this initiative. China has set a goal to raise domestic content of 

core components and materials to 40% by 2020 and 70% by 2025. Small and medium sized enterprises have the most to look forward to as these initiatives will make it easier for them to get connected and receive 

advantages currently only available to large Multi-National Corporations.

The main concern of these developments is what will happen to the working population? People will still need jobs regardless of the level of efficiency. Will more advanced and specialized technologies be created to 

keep up with the demand for jobs? Or is unemployment destined to become our main concern as a civilization? Despite these troubling concerns, one thing remains clear, robotics belong in the industrial sector and 

are here to stay. 

Source (Monetary Watch)

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