CNC functions for the full range of CNC machine tools

cnc machine tools operate a full range of CNC functions 2011-03-29 By integrating the CNC system, PLC and motion control in a complete controller, the innovative complete solution from B&R combines the highest level of motion accuracy and good power Ensure that the throughput of the machine is increased while improving the quality. The functional modules in the standard CNC package are designed for all important functions of Cnc Machining machines. Users can take advantage of all the basic functions of operation, configuration and diagnosis of the entire system, especially all axes and CNC channels. The CNC standard measures from B&R not only provide customers with a quick start, it also gives them complete freedom to implement the control system with or without custom programming, thereby ensuring that the manufacturers of their products fully protect their innovations.
In the synchronization control program with the individual, the interpolation times are produced in the full microsecond range to provide high-performance solutions for customers to provide a perfect foundation. The deterministic  ptj real-time communication ensures that the CNC axis is also synchronized clocks for all drives and I/O peripherals and a position control cycle inserted in nanosecond precision.
It is possible to access the system functions of the visual component software. The pre-programmed visualization components include “classic” components such as parameter settings and running components of motion programs, as well as tools such as simulation, recording and process diagnostics. Intuitive operation panel for cnc machine tool operation
The core of the CNC package is a 15″ panel in a vertical format based on the additional integrated operating elements of the power board 400. Programmable functions and navigation keys can easily control the visualization system, and a navigation wheel can also be used The input element is used on all pages of the visualization application. The six page selection keys can be preset to allow the menu items to reach faster user access to the main page. The CNC panel is supplemented by a handheld device. This makes the machine operator around the machine Move freely and place the desired entry in the ideal position. Machining can be easily controlled using handwheels and additional operating elements.

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