Cnc machining milling cutter cutting parameters

The cutting speed v (m/min) of the cnc machining cutter is the peripheral speed of the milling cutter. Anyone who does cnc processing knows that setting the cutting parameters of the milling cutter is an important part of processing the qualified machining parts. There are three ways to express the milling feed:
1. The feed rate per minute vf (mm/min) indicates the displacement of the workpiece per minute relative to the milling cutter;
2. The feed per revolution f (mm/rev) indicates the relative displacement of the cutter to the workpiece at one revolution per revolution;
3. The feed amount per tooth af (mm/tooth) indicates the relative displacement of the workpiece during the time that the milling cutter rotates one tooth.
Cnc machining milling cutter milling depth ap (mm) is the length of contact between the milling cutter and the workpiece measured parallel to the axis of the milling cutter. The cutting arc depth ae (mm) is the depth of the arc of the cutter that is in contact with the workpiece measured perpendicular to the axis of the milling cutter.
The cutting speed of carbon steel in high-speed steel milling cutter milling of cnc processing equipment is generally 20-30 m/min (n=7000/D~10000/D); cemented carbide milling cutter can reach 60-90 m/min (can Estimated by 3 times high speed steel milling cutter).
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