Cup Molds

China famous cup molds maker, Sino Mould, is professional cup molds company in the China mold city,Taizhou, exporting cup mould from China for 20 years.
For cup molds, we have made airline cup molds for CHINA SOUTHERN AIRLINES, Glass cup molds, thin wall pp cup molds and all kinds of daily use cup molds. The important point to make a cup molds is to avoid decentration. If the cup molds decentrate , the thickness of the cups will not be even, and the injection parts mostly will be found unfulfilled. When the cup molds have this problem, the molds will be adjusted by adding wear plate or reducing the height of cavity and core.
Another important point is air venting, if the cups molds’ air venting is not good, the product will be easy to adhere to core or can’t be ejected out very smoothly. In order to solve the problem, the cup molds will equip with good designed air venting holes, and add gas to assistant ejection.
In China, there are many cup molds maker, to find a professional cup molds supplier to the key to a successful cup molds purchase. A professional cup molds can help you to solve the trouble shoting,and can offer you the timely after sales service. If you have the idea to find a cup molds supplier, pls find the reliable China cup mould maker.

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