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Lubricant supplier, Rocol, and precision engineering company, Lonestar LWD, worked together to devise a customised service to ensure every requirement of the UK’s HSE was met.

Lonestar LWD Precision Engineering was established in 1942 and is now a leading provider of precision engineered components and specialised surface coatings to the UK’s oil, gas and petro-chemical industries Such industries require the use of exotic materials including heat treated super alloys.

Lonestar LWD is a long standing user of the Rocol range of lubricants and uses mostly Rocol’s TRI-Logic System.

Lubricants include TRI-Logic EP maximum life extreme pressure cutting fluid, which is a heavy duty cutting fluid designed for arduous operations and difficult materials.

In addition, TRI-Logic EP resists bacterial and fungal degradation in the sump.

Lonestar LWD also uses TRI-Logic VG68, which is a high performance patented slideway lubricant.

TRI-Logic VG68 slideway lubricant incorporates special additives, which prevent the oil being degraded by bacteria and fungi when it drains into the cutting fluid system.

Lonestar LWD and Rocol work closely together to continually improve Rocol’s products and services.

Changes to UK health and safety regulations can mean changes in the way the machine shop is run.

* Risk assessments – following the recent introduction by the HSE of new guidelines for the management of cutting fluids, Lonestar LWD contacted Rocol for further advice.

In practice, the HSE guidelines require more stringent risk assessments, checks and controls, including the following.

* Weekly monitoring of bacteria levels in metalworking fluids.

* Strict cleaning cycles and record keeping.

* Implementing a health surveillance programme.

* Providing best practice training for staff working with metalworking fluids.

Rocol said customers on its Ultracare programme receive regular visits from a Rocol service engineer who monitors the condition of the fluid.

In addition, operator training in best practice of metalworking management is offered and a metalworking fluid folder is provided to record full details of fluid checks and action taken.

By offering customers the Ultracare programme it is possible for users to save up to 40% in metalworking fluid spend from a reduction in fluid usage, tool wear, downtime and labour costs and disposal.

Responsible for health and safety at Lonestar LWD, Terry Leach said: "Rocol already provided Lonestar LWD with an excellent service each month through its Ultracare programme and our cutting fluid usage/monitoring more than fulfilled the HSE needs.

However, the new health and safety legislation required us to further improve our cleaning and housekeeping".

He explained: "Rocol and Lonestar LWD worked together to devise a tailor made service to ensure every requirement of the HSE was met.

We have a long history of working together – it is a partnership and the relationship is beneficial to both companies."

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