Daily use and maintenance methods of automobile engines

The engine is like the human heart, which plays an absolutely important role in a car. If you don’t pay attention to small germs, it will often cause loss of heart function. This principle also applies to cars. Many car owners think that regular car maintenance is not a big problem, but it has imperceptibly affected the service life of car engines. Today, the editor will introduce several small problems that are likely to cause hidden engine hazards to the majority of netizens. I hope that the majority of car owners will pay more attention to the use and maintenance of their cars.

Irregular maintenance

Regular maintenance of the engine is very important. Many professional repairers say that in the cars they handle, the failures caused by poor engine maintenance account for 50% of the total failures. It can be seen that engine maintenance can play a great role in prolonging the service life of the vehicle. Important role. It is not only the maintenance of the engine during the regular maintenance period, but also the inspection and maintenance of the relevant parts of the engine when driving through some particularly humid or dusty areas.

Engine oil deterioration and poor oil filter

Different grades of lubricating oil will change in oil quality during use. After a certain mileage, the performance of the vehicle will deteriorate, which may cause various problems to the engine. When the oil passes through the pores of the oil filter element, the solid particles and viscous substances in the oil are accumulated in the filter. If the filter is clogged, the oil cannot pass through the filter element smoothly, it will burst the filter element or open the safety valve, and pass through the bypass valve, still bringing dirt back to the lubrication part, accelerating engine wear and accelerating internal pollution. Therefore, the regular replacement of the oil filter is equally important.

Don’t add less oil, but don’t add too much. It’s not that the more expensive the brand-name synthetic oil, the better. The best oil for your car is the best.

Air filter plugged

The air intake system of the engine is mainly composed of two parts: an air filter element and an air intake duct. According to different usage conditions, the air filter element should be cleaned regularly. Generally, the air filter element should be replaced after three times of cleaning. The cleaning cycle can be determined by the air quality in the daily driving area. It is also important to purchase genuine air filter elements provided by good quality manufacturers.

The intake pipe is too dirty

If the vehicle often drives on the road with more dust and poor air quality, you should pay attention to cleaning the air intake duct to ensure the smooth flow of air intake.The intake duct is very important for the normal operation of the engine. If the intake duct is too dirty, it will cause a decrease in efficiency, which will make the engine unable to operate within the normal output power range, and aggravate the wear and aging of the engine.

Try to avoid the dusty areas as much as possible, and at the same time, pay attention to the replacement of the air-conditioning compartment.

Too much sludge in crankcase

When the engine is running, the high-pressure unburned gas, acid, moisture, sulfur and nitrogen oxides in the combustion chamber enter the crankcase through the gap between the piston ring and the cylinder wall, making it mixed with the metal powder produced by the wear of the parts. Together, sludge is formed. A small amount of sludge can be suspended in the oil, and when the amount is large, it will separate out from the oil, blocking the filter and oil holes, causing difficulty in lubrication of the engine, and aggravating the wear of the engine.

To reduce the production of sludge, it is necessary to use high-quality fuel. Therefore, it is recommended that car owners go to a genuine gas station as much as possible when refueling. In addition, please check the oil level of your car frequently, and replenish it as soon as possible if it is insufficient.

Poorly maintained fuel system

The maintenance of the fuel system includes replacing the gasoline filter element, cleaning the carburetor or fuel nozzle, and the fuel supply pipeline. It is necessary to regularly remove the deposits in the fuel tank, remove the deposits in the fuel filter, and properly maintain the air filter, fuel tank and pipelines. When cleaning the engine fuel system, use the engine-free cleaning agent, because the non-disassembly cleaning agent is used. There is no need to disassemble the fuel system. On the one hand, it can thoroughly clean the fuel system, and on the other hand, it helps protect the fuel system of the engine.

The water tank is rusty and scaled

Rust and scaling of the engine water tank are the most common problems. To avoid the generation of scale, attention should be paid to the selection of coolant in the water tank. Many car owners do not pay attention to the use and quality of the coolant, and usually only ordinary water is added to the water tank. The most common problems in the cooling system are rust, scale, and corrosion. The main reason for this is that no good antifreeze is used. A good antifreeze not only has a low freezing point, but also has various other functional additives, which can inhibit foam, rust, electrolysis and scale, etc. Therefore, we should remind the majority of cars to choose the coolant that is beneficial to the water tank carefully.

The cooling system is in poor condition

Common faults of automobile engines, such as piston pulling, knocking, internal leakage of cylinder block punching, severe noise, drop in acceleration power, etc., are all caused by the abnormal working temperature of the automobile engine, excessive pressure, and poor cooling system conditions. cause. Poor cooling system conditions will directly cause the engine to fail to work at normal temperatures, and the above-mentioned serious failures will follow.

The traditional maintenance method of the cooling system is to drain the water in the water tank and add antifreeze and water. However, in this case, there will be a large amount of scale in the cooling system that is not clean, and the residual scale in the pump, water jacket, and pipeline will be even greater. Can not be discharged. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean the rust and corrosion in the water tank and the cooling system with a powerful and efficient cleaning agent for the water tank, and then add appropriate antifreeze and purified water. In this way, the normal operation of the engine can be ensured, and the overall life of the water tank and the engine can be prolonged.

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