Detailed answers to the role of car daily maintenance

For any car, its technological innovation status will gradually deteriorate as the mileage increases, and the cooperation of various parts will inevitably produce varying degrees of wear and looseness. The vehicle protection fluid was not completely replaced, and problems such as carbon deposits and fouling occurred in the engine, power steering system and automatic gearbox. In this regard, if targeted protection and maintenance are not carried out in time, it will affect the normal operation of the car, and may also cause excessive wear of certain parts, and even cause serious accidents. Therefore, the vehicle must be maintained regularly or by mileage in accordance with scientific maintenance methods and technical specifications, so that the various parts of the vehicle always work well and reach the full life.

1. What is professional car beauty?

Car beauty is a brand new concept, which is fundamentally different from ordinary computerized car washing and ordinary waxing. What distinguishes professional car beauty lies in its own systematicness, standardization and professionalism. The so-called systematicness is to focus on the characteristics of the car itself, due to the comprehensive and meticulous maintenance of the exterior and the interior; the so-called normativeness means that each process has standard and standardized technical requirements; the so-called professionalism is to strictly follow the process requirements using professional tools, Professional products and professional means to operate. Car beauty should use professional and high-quality maintenance products, and carry out targeted maintenance, beauty and refurbishment for the materials of various parts of the car. The appearance of the car after professional beautification is as clean and bright as new, and the gloss of the paint surface is maintained for a long time, which effectively extends the life of the car.

2. What are the functions of car wax?

Waterproof. Cars are often exposed to the air and are inevitably exposed to wind and rain. When water droplets remain on the surface of the car body, when the weather turns fine and under strong sunlight, each droplet is a convex lens. Under its focusing action, the temperature at the focal point reaches 800~1000℃, causing dark spots on the paint surface, which greatly affects the quality and service life of the paint surface. In addition, water droplets tend to cause corrosion on exposed metal surfaces. High-end car wax can reduce the adhesion of water droplets by more than 90%, which greatly reduces the possibility of body erosion and protects the paint surface to the greatest extent.

High temperature resistance. The principle of anti-high temperature effect of car wax is to effectively reflect incident light from different directions and prevent incident light from aging and discoloring the top paint or base paint.

UV protection. In fact, the effect of car wax from ultraviolet rays and its anti-high temperature effect are parallel, but in sunlight, due to the characteristics of ultraviolet rays, it is easier for ultraviolet light to be refracted into the paint surface, and the anti-ultraviolet car wax fully considers the characteristics of ultraviolet rays. , So that the damage to the car watch can be minimized.

Glazing effect. Polishing is the basic function of car wax. After waxed vehicles, the brightness of the surface can be improved, and the car body can restore its bright natural color.

3. What are the precautions for waxing a new car?

When performing high-pressure washing, the pressure should not be higher than 7Mpa; high-pressure washing only needs to wash away impurities such as dust and sand that may affect the wax removal effect; the wax water spray must be uniform, and the corners and corners must not be ignored; spray After applying the wax water, wait until the wax water has completely penetrated the wax layer and allowed it to dissolve (about 5-10 minutes) before wiping with a towel; the cleaning and wiping after * should be carried out in accordance with the car washing operation rules, because After washing and opening the wax with wax water, there are still some wax and impurities left in the car watch; after opening the wax, it must be waxed for protection.

4. How to deal with paint scratches?

Shallow scratches can be polished with sandpaper to remove impurities and rust, then the paint surface is restored, waxed, and then polished with a polishing agent until the paint film is smooth and bright. Medium and deep scratches cannot be repaired by grinding. The concavity of a small area does not exceed 5mm. It can be leveled by filling putty, and then touch-up treatment. If the metal is exposed at the scratches, first clean the surface coating rust and welding slag, polish and smooth, then apply an anti-rust effect of oxidation neutralizer, spray primer, and repeat the process of painting, drying, and polishing. The more severe deformations must be processed by sheet metal. The treatment of scratches has high requirements for technicians. Chinap’s advanced technology can quickly restore your car to its original appearance in the shortest possible time.

5. Is the four-wheel alignment important to the normal driving of the car?

The four-wheel alignment of a car is very important, and drivers and friends must not ignore it. Since the positioning angle of the suspension system of the vehicle is preset according to the design requirements when the vehicle leaves the factory, these positioning angles are used together to ensure the comfort and safety of the vehicle driving. However, because the vehicle has been driving for a period of time, these positioning angles will change due to various reasons, such as abnormal tire wear, vehicle deviation, safety reduction, fuel consumption increase, accelerated parts wear, steering wheel sinking, vehicle fluttering, etc. Symptoms of discomfort. At this time, it is necessary to consider the four-wheel alignment, which can not only try to avoid car accidents caused by the deviation of the car, but at the same time it is of great benefit to extending the service life of the car tires and saving fuel consumption.

6. Why should the inside of the engine be cleaned?

The lubrication system is an important part of the car. When the car is running, the engine oil will work under high temperature and high pressure, and there will inevitably be impurities such as dust and metal abrasive particles in the system. In this way, the oil will gradually lose its protective ability and become black in color. Changing the oil frequently is beneficial, but the problem still exists, because most of the sludge and paint in the oil is still in the system. After the new engine oil is added, it will quickly melt with the sludge and paint, and the lubrication system will be blocked by the presence of the sludge and paint (especially the filter screen of the oil pump). The oil flow is inconsistent, causing the engine to malfunction. In order to solve this problem, extend the service life of the engine, and improve the performance of the body, the engine lubrication system should be cleaned regularly to remove the sludge, paint and other inclusions in the system, thereby reducing the pollution of new engine oil. Products such as Chinapu fuel purifier, powerful carburetor cleaner, fuel supply system cleaner and other products can be used.

7. How to carry out the correct molding of the chassis?

Use a special decontamination and degreasing agent to thoroughly remove the asphalt and oil stains on the chassis and dry it. If the entire chassis is sealed with plastic, the transmission shaft and other parts of the exhaust pipe that need to be dissipated should be sealed with tape and then brushed, so as not to affect the normal operation of these parts. The secondary plastic encapsulation can improve the sound insulation and anti-collision effect, but pay attention to the interval of 20 minutes between the two sprays, and the first layer of plastic encapsulation layer is completely dried before construction. Since the chassis of a new car is clean, it takes about 30 minutes, while the old car requires a lot of work to clean the chassis, which takes about 3 hours. Beijing Chinap Auto Beauty and Maintenance Chain Store uses unique chassis armor products and is operated with high-quality spray guns, which are stable in quality, anti-adhesive, and last for a long time. And promised: “The encapsulated vehicle will be repaired free of charge if the chassis is scratched and the primer is exposed within two years.”

8. Do I need to change the oil filter every time I change the oil? How much can a filter play in purifying engine oil?

The oil filter must be changed to change the oil. Every time the oil is changed, the full-flow oil filter must be replaced-that is, the paper filter element filter. After a long period of use, the filter performance of the paper filter element will decrease, and the pressure of the oil passing through the filter will be greatly reduced. Although the oil pressure drops to a certain level, the filter bypass valve will open and the oil will enter the oil circuit through the bypass to prevent insufficient oil pressure. However, the oil entering the oil circuit at this time is not filtered, which will cause pollutants to enter the oil circuit. Medium, increase the wear and tear of mechanical parts. Therefore, the filter plays a vital role in purifying the engine oil. Impurities and polluting particles in the engine oil will be filtered out through the filter. In this way, the oil entering the oil circuit is very clean, which can effectively prevent the abrasive wear caused by the particulate matter on the engine parts. If only the new oil is replaced without changing the oil filter, about 1/4 of the pollutants in the old filter will re-enter the oil circulation, which not only increases the chance of wear, but also reduces the performance of the new oil.

9. Why should the fuel injector be cleaned regularly? How often should it be cleaned?

The engines of modern cars generally use electric nozzles. After the gasoline and air are atomized in proportion, the fuel injection nozzle enters the combustion chamber and burns to do work. If the fuel injector is not cleaned for a long time, carbon deposits and grease will be formed at the entrance door, resulting in insufficient engine air intake, resulting in insufficient engine power. Chinap Electric Nozzle Cleaner has a significant cleaning and protection effect on the fuel system, especially the fuel injector. The best result is to do a fuel injector cleaning once a car is traveling 10,000 to 15,000 kilometers.

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