Development of CK6130 Small CNC Lathe

At present, economical cnc machine tools are still the CNC machine tools with the largest market demand and the highest sales volume in my country. Utilizing the existing idle old machine tools and transforming them into a new high-efficiency, multi-functional economical CNC machine tool through numerical control is an effective method to revitalize the existing funds, and it is also one of the ways to realize automation at low cost. The CK6130 small CNC lathe developed by us is the exploration and practice of this idea.

1 Working principle The CK6130 small CNC lathe is composed of two parts: a microcomputer numerical control system and a machine tool body. When processing the workpiece, first compile the numerical control program of the workpiece, and then input the feasible numerical control program into the numerical control device, and then the numerical control device calculates the feed pulse sequence according to the program instructions, and then the multi-function NC board performs pulse distribution, and then the power amplifier or After the power is amplified by the driving power supply, the control signal of the driving device is formed to control the rotation speed, start and stop of the machine tool spindle, the movement direction, speed and displacement of the feed system, as well as the selection of tools, the start and stop of cooling and lubrication, etc. Cutters, workpieces and other auxiliary devices work strictly in accordance with the sequence, stroke and parameters specified by the CNC program, so as to process the shape, size, and accuracy to achieve a friendly human-machine interface.

3 Conclusion The CNC system is based on a general industrial control machine, and uses a powerful motion controller PMAC to undertake real-time tasks such as interpolation calculation, position control, and speed control. It has achieved two levels of openness, making the CNC system more specific The system has better human-computer interaction capabilities and upper-level application system integration capabilities, which is convenient for manufacturers and users to customize system functions and parameter adjustments, so that the system has better adaptability. This numerical control system has been applied to the development of SKB2320A wall Milling Machine, and has achieved good results.

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