Development Teams Can Coordinate

The Moldflow Communicator™ 1.0 software module is a free product from Moldflow that allows distributed product development teams to visualize, quantify, and compare Moldflow Plastics Insight® analysis results. Unlike static 3D viewers, the system assists users in understanding the assumptions behind analytical results, which is vital in making critical design decisions in plastic injection moulding applications that can reduce development time, improve part quality, and speed time to market.

As product development increasingly is performed by engineers, mould makers, and production personnel operating in separate locales, failure to exploit fully design optimization progress made at the beginning of the design-to-manufacturing process is a growing risk, owing to poor communication among team members. Further, the possible inexperience of some people who must perform analyses underscores the need for tools that improve the validation and communication of analysis results.

Moldflow Communicator helps deal with these potential problems by letting Moldflow users easily share insights gained from analysis-driven design optimization with any member of a product development team, even those who are not dedicated Moldflow users. Distributed team members can view analysis results dynamically and interactively on 3D models and use a set of powerful tools to compare results of two iterations side by side.

For companies that either outsource mould design or rely on suppliers to perform analysis, Moldflow Communicator provides a means to quantify the quality of analyses performed. This is achieved through user-specified analysis quality criteria. The criteria files facilitate communication of critical model-quality, material-selection, and analysis process standards and best practices among globally distributed team members.

Moldflow Communicator 1.0 is free to Moldflow customers and noncustomers alike. It supports analysis results exported from Moldflow Plastics Insight 6.0 and runs on 32- and 64-bit hardware using the Windows operating system.

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