Double color injection moulding

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Double color mould special double location 180 degrees two-way rotating disk template design, two sets of injection parts, can be injected at the same time action, double color products molding, greatly reduced the molding cycle. Double color mould not only can make a set of double color mould production double color products, you can also use the two sets of ordinary mold production of two different products at the same time. Double-color product molding, eliminating the assembly or insert molding process, improve the production efficiency.

Double color injection molding machine with parallel arrangement of two separate parts, can be in accordance with the product requirements of the glue quantity is tailored, screw, material cylinder adopts imported high quality alloy steel, silicon ion nitriding processing, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, long life and other advantages, according to the production of engineering plastics features, equipped with special screw. Double color injection molding machine with double color injection molding machine dedicated computer, big screen LCD color LCD display screen and special operation interface, has the good man-machine interactive performance.

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