Each element of steel has a different effect on the hardening depth of auto parts


Each element of steel has a different effect on the hardening depth of auto parts. The hardenability required for car gears is 18 or 14 that can reach the penetration depth of the top hardening test. A series of steel grades and processes have been broadened and used In the direct normalizing, quenching and tempering treatments, the addition of micro-alloy elements and their precise control, the chemical composition, micro-structure and hardenability of the steel have been greatly improved, making it possible to produce large quantities of steel with traditional quenching and quenching. Couplings, crankshafts and many other accessories with the same strength of tempered parts.

The furnace body structure is very important to reduce energy consumption, so many improvements can be made on the production line. The effective thermal muddy depends on the heat capacity determined by the insulator, heat source, furnace structure and size. It will greatly affect product quality, productivity and economy. Further research will rely on the application of high-energy effective heat sources, such as lasers, far-infrared rays, etc., and advanced vacuum technology. In order to make the heat treatment operation more flexible, Japan has used many small or single new furnaces. Many new furnaces use ceramic fiber insulation materials, which have less heat capacity. Due to the atmosphere and low pressure or vacuum generated in the furnace, the gas consumption is lower. , These furnaces are designed and manufactured to meet energy saving and flexible production. Japan’s low-load production system is also used in heat treatment. For annealing and quenching, many small and flexible equipment and furnaces are installed in rows. The steel is directly quenched or cooled after hot forging, which not only saves the heat treatment steps, but also saves the heat energy consumed in the heat treatment process, so that the stored energy can be used for water boiling and cleaning, and can also be used as surface modification in the cooling process as shown. Reaction energy.

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