EU plans semiconductor alliance, plans to increase market share to 20% of the world

At present, for the global semiconductor industry, it is still in crisis, and the world is in a state of core shortage, especially in industries such as automobiles, which is always difficult to alleviate.

Recently, the European Union has realized that it is over-reliant on the developed chip industries such as the United States and South Korea. Therefore, the European Union plans to invest a lot of money to develop local semiconductor manufacturing and further improve its supply chain. EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton said Europe needs to expand capacity to make mid-level chips to meet its goal of doubling its semiconductor market share by 2030.

It is reported that the EU plans that the EU’s local semiconductor market share will occupy 20% of the global market, and will have the ability to produce 2-nanometer chips. In addition, there will be an interest in planning a semiconductor alliance, with companies such as ASML, NXP, STM and Infineon currently interested in participating.

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