Export injection mould/plastic mould exporter

Huangyan, Taizhou is world injection mould exporter’s base in China. During 60 year’s developments, Taizhou city have become a famous injection mould purchasing base in the world, you can find many precision moulds makers here, like gear moulds, auto parts moulds, home appliance moulds, electrical parts moulds and so on. Household moulds and industrial using moulds is another distinguishing feature in China mould base, like Taoshi, Sino Mould… some famous and professional injection moulds exporters. According to the records, 60 % injection moulds are exported from Huangyan, China, and Sino Mould can export 1500-1800 sets of moulds to other countries.

If you want to find plastic mould exporter, welcome to visit China injection mould city, there are variable injection moulds maker for you to choose from,and these mould exporter will offer the injection moulds as your requirements.

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