Factors Influencing the Quality of Automobile Drive Rear Axle


The quality and life span of the rear axle of the automobile drive mainly depends on the life span of the gear pair and bearing. Bearing life is closely related to bearing material, manufacturing accuracy, heat treatment, assembly adjustment, etc.

The clearance adjustment of the bearing is assembled and adjusted by the user, so it is not conducive to the life control of the bearing. If double-row tapered roller bearings are used, most of the factors that affect the life of the bearing can be controlled by the manufacturer. The manufacturer will determine the impact of the actual use of temperature rise on the bearing clearance according to the interference of the matching shaft and the matching hole. After statistical research, the best bearing clearance is determined, and then the whole set is provided to the user for direct assembly without adjustment.

The use of double-row tapered roller bearings has the following advantages: (1) Improve the assembly efficiency of the rear axle assembly. (2) The control of the pinion bearing clearance is reasonable to avoid the difficulty of adjusting the tapered roller bearing clearance at this stage, and also to avoid the large deflection angle of the pinion due to the large bearing clearance, which will affect the meshing spots of the gear pair. Reduce gear life. (3) Conducive to maintenance, no adjustment is required. (4) The distance between the flange and the center of the axle housing can be shortened by canceling the spacer in the bearing housing. Increase the width of the bearing, increase the supporting point of the bearing, and improve the supporting strength of the bearing. It is conducive to the main reducer equipped with retarder.

At present, tapered roller bearings have been widely used in automobile drive axle hub bearings. The application of tapered roller bearings to the main reducer of the automobile drive axle can improve assembly efficiency, reduce assembly difficulty, reduce dependence on the familiarity of assembly workers, ensure product quality stability, and reduce maintenance difficulty.

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