Feature Of The Silicone Bomb Chocolate Mold

Feature of The silicone Bomb Chocolate Mold

Using food-grade organic silicon, without bisphenol A material, non-toxic, tasteless. Silicone signle bomb mold is stronger, more flexible and durable, and can maintain its original shape and non-stick quality through more uses.

The silicone mold can be used in the temperature range of -40°F to 446°F. This durable and flexible silicone tray will not crack or break like a Plastic tray. The chocolate mold allows you Easily take out food without damaging delicate food. After baking, please cool the baking mold for 10 minutes before removing the mold to achieve better results

Our chocolate bomb mold are not limited to making chocolate. You can also make jelly, cupcakes, ice cubes, ice cream, cream cheese mint or hard candy. Perfect fudge dessert for Christmas, party, birthday, wedding, anniversary celebration party.Mold Size: 5.3*2*1, and the diameter of each cavity is 2”

Easy to Clean and Use: Durable, impermeable and easy to clean. Compared with traditional metal or aluminum bakeware, our round candy mold is easier to clean. Microwave and freezer safe. Commercial grade quality, can be used repeatedly, not sticky.

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