Five-axis CNC Machining Requirements For Aviation Parts

Aviation parts are products with high precision and processing difficulty. First of all, the production materials of aviation parts must be good because there are many factors involved in the application, such as the pressure and resistance of the air, which must be considered and must be ensured. There can be no problems. Therefore, it is necessary to use suitable materials for processing before processing. Before the processing, the material should be inspected without the appearance of fine holes and some undesirable phenomena to ensure the quality of the material.
Care must be taken during processing to pay attention to the details, because such parts can not be welded, if the welding may cause problems in the process of application, so be sure to pay attention to details during processing to avoid abnormalities in processing can not be welded. When you get on or off the machine, you should also pay attention to not bumping. Make sure that the workpiece is harmless. Care must be taken when machining tolerances are met. Make sure that the accuracy is accurate and that there is no problem when using it. The five-axis machining can reduce the aviation. The number of times the parts are clamped can also improve the efficiency of the machining. If there are more turning faces, the error of each face can be reduced on the five axes, and the five-axis machining requires only one clamping to complete the five faces. machining. In terms of efficiency and cost savings, it is more advantageous. In the five-axis machining, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that there is no source near the machine tool, otherwise it may interfere with the stability during the five-axis machining.
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