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Sino foldable crate adopt international fashion design, according to the different way of folding, divided into folded in half and pour inside type two kinds folding methodsafter folding the volume is only accounted for 1/4~1/3 assembled. With light weight, cover less area, convenient assembly characteristic. Foldable crates are widely used in each big chain supermarkets, 24-hour convenience stores, large distribution center, department stores, light industry, clothing, household appliances, fruits and vegetables, food processing and so on closed loop circuit distribution system. Using Foldable crates can realize mechanization handling, improve the circulation rationalization, efficiency and greatly reduced user storage and transportation cost. Is a modern enterprise implementation new products with environmental requirements and zero inventory plan.
1The material of foldable crates are combination of polypropylene and polyethylene, light weightlong life time, non-poisonous insipidity, even can be used in food serve, convenient clean.
2Sino foldable crates be built on logistics containers standardization, specialization and to save cost, improve efficiency as the goal, after folding the volume is only accounted for 1/4~1/3 assembled, with cover less areaconvenient assembly advantage.
3All size of foldable crates got through the strick mathematical calculate, cooperate using with logistics instruments pallet 1200*800& 1200*1000, 20GPcontainer, 40GPcontainer, can be tidy accurately stacking, even in different series.
4The short side of foldable crates can be interchangeable, composition more size cratessame applies to sealed and unsealed crates.

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