Grinding processing during precision machining

Grinding processing during precision machining:
Grinding is the use of research tools under certain pressure and the relative movement of the processing surface, attached to or pressed into the surface of the abrasive on the abrasive and abrasive, from the workpiece surface to a layer of thin material finishing methods in the precision machining. Research tools generally use the material than the workpiece soft (cast iron, copper, etc.) production, hand-use research sets, the hole can be stored in the tank oil. Abrasives are a mixture of abrasive, slurry and auxiliary material. Grinding process in cnc machining, a large number of abrasive particles under pressure by rolling, scratching and extrusion, removal of fine materials, is the role of mechanical cutting; abrasive particle contact with the workpiece local pressure, instantaneous high temperature, the role of extrusion, is a physical role; grinding Agent surface oxidation of the workpiece softens, speed up the grinding process is chemical.When grinding, the relative movement of grinding tool and workpiece is complicated. Each abrasive grain will not repeat its motion track, which will help to remove the convex peak on the surface of the workpiece. The surface roughness can reach Ra 0.01 ~ 0.2μm, which can be increased Workpiece size and shape accuracy, but can not improve the accuracy of the mutual position of the surface; grinding does not require complicated equipment, the method is simple and reliable. However, productivity is low, labor-intensive manual grinding.
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