Growing E-sports Ecosystem: Intel and partners create the best gaming tools

On November 5, 2019, the 3rd Intel Master Challenger (IMC) National Finals ended in Beijing Capital University Gymnasium. This event attracted more than 500 cities across the country and 10,000 teams signed up for the competition. It not only covered 300 universities and 1,500 Internet cafes across the country, but also opened up the event with the international professional e-sports Intel Extreme Masters (abbreviation: IEM). A year-end carnival for online and offline games and e-sports lovers!

The event covers the three most popular domestic e-sports games, “League of Legends”, “CSGO”, and “DOTA2”. After fierce confrontation, wonderful cooperation and amazing operations, Real Madrid e-sports 2:1 predator and plunder Maker 2: 0 X-war Gaming and NE 2:1 The record of outstanding college students ended perfectly in the finals. Three powerful teams from Real Madrid eSports, Predator, and NE won the championship of the third Intel Masters Challenge finals. !

Growing E-sports Ecosystem: Intel and partners create the best gaming tools

Group photo of the third IMC championship team (from left to right: CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends championship team)

IMC has been held in China for three consecutive years. Taking root in China and serving China is Intel’s unswerving strategy. Nowadays, the influence and overall scale of the event are getting bigger and bigger, effectively reaching 45 million Chinese gamers, accounting for 30% of the country’s 150 million PC gamers. As the event organizer, Intel has demonstrated its strong leadership in the field of e-sports-supporting a thriving community, providing leading technology to promote the continuous development of the sport by leaps and bounds, encouraging fans and players to move forward in the field of gaming, and The growing ecosystem works closely to shape the future pattern of e-sports.

Promote technology and platform innovation, and lead the game e-sports industry to take off

E-sports, with 2 billion supporters worldwide, is the fastest-growing and widely popular sport. As the graphics of large-scale games become more and more realistic, when the player’s special effects are fully turned on and live broadcast simultaneously, strong computing power must be supported. PC is the only platform that can provide it with the best computing experience now and in the future. Intel is the driving force to promote the innovation of gaming PCs. It works with publishers and developers to develop PCs into a platform that can help game developers, e-sports anchors, e-sports players, etc., make greater contributions, and help them release greater Potential.

In order to comply with the “data-centric” technological trend, Intel reshapes the PC through technological innovation and fully integrated into application scenarios, and empowers the innovation and development of the gaming and e-sports industry. According to GFK’s second quarter data in 2019, gaming laptops equipped with Intel processors accounted for 99% of the Chinese gaming laptop market share, and DIY gaming desktop computers equipped with Intel processors accounted for 84% of the Chinese gaming desktop computer market. , Intel? Core? Processors have become the first choice for gamers around the world.

In order to meet the endless pursuit of PC performance by gamers, Intel has launched a special edition of the ninth-generation Intel Core i9-9900KS, which has an all-core turbo frequency of 5Ghz, making the world’s leading gaming desktop processor more powerful. In addition, Intel’s leadership in 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud and other end-to-end solutions is also a powerful engine to promote the future development of the game industry and bring the next billion fans to the e-sports market.

Work closely with the e-sports ecosystem and work together to build a development pattern

Wang Rui, vice president of Intel’s marketing group and general manager of China, said: “In the future, the overall connotation and precipitation of the e-sports market will become more and more abundant. Intel will continue to expand the boundaries of e-sports, and will continue to focus on technology and platform. Innovation and the creation of an entertainment ecosystem will promote the development of this event. We hope that IMC can keep advancing with the times, run more and more vigorously, grow together with the Chinese e-sports industry, and foster and transport more domestic and foreign e-sports events. Many e-sports talents from China.”

Wang Rui, Vice President of Intel Corporation Marketing Group and General Manager of China

Intel not only actively builds an e-sports platform, but also opens up cooperation to the entire ecological industry chain, allowing more and more partners to participate in the e-sports market:

Create first-class equipment with game equipment vendors. Intel has teamed up with more than 20 gaming equipment vendors such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, ASUS, Acer, etc., to create a professional platform most suitable for the e-sports field, leading users to intelligent, comprehensive, customized, and creative experience needs.

Cooperate with e-commerce to provide the latest game products. In 2019 IMC, Intel and e-commerce partner worked together to provide multiple exclusive promotions for Intel Gaming Computer Carnival, bringing the latest and strongest game gods to Chinese game and e-sports fans as soon as possible.

Create a perfect game experience with game developers and operators. Intel has in-depth technical cooperation with the world’s top game developers. Starting from the early development stage of new games, it provides unreleased hardware to give full play to the excellent performance of Intel Core architecture processors.

Create professional competitions at home and abroad, and provide young communication methods. Exclusive sponsorship of IEM, the first global-scale e-sports elite tournament, this year marks the tenth anniversary of its landing in China; the national quasi-professional professional e-sports tournament IMC founded in China has been held for three consecutive years, and its scale and influence continue to expand.

Build a diversified cultural community. IMC’s cooperation with Internet cafes, universities, and OEMs is getting deeper and deeper, working together to create a new mode of e-sports experience and participation in competitions, allowing young people to connect themselves to the world through new methods such as live game broadcasting and offline competitions.

The ever-changing Intel is not only a company that leads technological innovation, but also a company that constantly builds and promotes ecological evolution. While driving its own innovation, it is necessary to promote the co-innovation of the industrial ecology; in the process of promoting its own growth, it is necessary to share the growth dividend with the entire industry. In the future, at the top event in the gaming industry, Intel will continue to provide innovation power for the entire industry.

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