Hexagon Sets Financial Targets for 2008-2010

Hexagon AB held a capital markets day in early December, which featured an overview of the company’s strategy and focus areas presented via live webcast. During the event, Hexagon announced its new financial targets for the period 2008–2010.

The Hexagon sales target for year 2010 is 20 billion Swedish kroner (about €2.1 billion). The company objective is, by the end of that year, to grow the core business to 16 billion kroner and to add acquisitions with a combined sales turnover of more than 4 billion kroner.

The Hexagon EBIT [earnings before interest and tax] margin target for year 2010 is 20%. Specifically, the goal is to grow the EBIT margin of the core business to 23% and to add acquisitions with a combined EBIT margin of 15%.

“We have named our new financial plan ’20-20-10’” says Ola Rollén, CEO and president of Hexagon AB. “Hexagon is to have sales of 20 billion kroner and an EBIT margin of 20% by the end of year 2010. We have a solid platform for future organic growth, and we actively follow a large number of acquisition targets to also enable nonorganic growth.

“Today, the measurement technologies market can be estimated as having a size of approximately 100 billion SEK,” continues Rollén. “Our long-term ambition is to grow the Hexagon share of that market to 30%. We are confident that we will continue to add substantial shareholder value in the years to come.”

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