High-speed synchronous data acquisition scheme based on ARM+FPGA

◆Application background

As we all know, most exploration and observation work are carried out in harsh environments, which have high requirements for data accuracy and real-time performance, and in most cases, multi-parameter synchronous measurement is required. According to the characteristics of exploration, measurement and control and other industries, Beijing Hengyi has launched a low-power, high-speed, high-precision, multi-channel synchronous data acquisition solution based on ARM+FPGA, which can complete the synchronous acquisition of multi-channel data according to the requirements of the monitor. Real-time network transmission.


Geophysical Analysis Field
Natural gas, oil and other underground exploration fields
Field of observation technology (seismic waves, spectrum analysis)
Power dispatch system

◆System Architecture

The Hengyi high-speed synchronous data acquisition solution has the following features:
1) Directly communicate with the acquisition terminal through the system interface, complete the data acquisition and A/D conversion of multi-channel analog quantity and switch quantity in the industrial field, and realize the control of the data acquisition terminal;
2) The system is equipped with a FIFO buffer module, which supports long-term continuous acquisition and storage of signals;
3) Support the mobile storage of collected data, and the collected data can be accessed through the memory card;
4) Support 10/100M Ethernet or CDMA/GPRS wireless network, which can realize high-efficiency network data transmission.

The system architecture is shown in the figure:

High-speed synchronous data acquisition scheme based on ARM+FPGA

◆System hardware design

Hengyi high-speed synchronous data acquisition system mainly includes the following parts: ARM controller, storage circuit, FPGA logic control circuit, A/D conversion circuit, FIFO buffer, power supply circuit, interface circuit, etc.

The system has a multi-channel data acquisition interface, and the FPGA logic circuit controls the A/D acquisition and FIFO buffer modules to realize long-term uninterrupted data acquisition and data conversion; at the same time, the system has a wealth of peripheral control interfaces and communication interfaces, which can realize data storage. , Display, complete the data transmission of RS485/RS232 or high-speed Ethernet network.

The hardware structure of the system is shown in the figure:

◆System software design

The embedded operating system plays a vital role in the system. The solution relies on the high-performance Linux operating system to control the data acquisition terminal and realize real-time data transmission and processing.

Solution advantage

Hengyi’s high-speed synchronous data acquisition solution based on ARM+FPGA solves the synchronization problem of data acquisition. Compared with the previous data acquisition solutions, it has the advantages of high precision, high speed, multi-parameter synchronous measurement, real-time processing, and network transmission. Regional restrictions, etc.

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