How to avoid unnecessary cost waste of aluminum alloy stamping parts

How to avoid unnecessary cost waste of aluminum alloy stamping parts

Aluminum alloy stamping parts refer to stamping hardware parts made of aluminum alloy materials. There are many types of aluminum alloy materials and specifications. Hardware stamping parts made of different aluminum alloy materials have different performance and uses. The plasticity of aluminum alloy stamping parts is very good. Pure aluminum is very soft, not strong, has good ductility, can be drawn into filaments and rolled into foils, and has good machinability. It is widely used in wire and cable manufacturing, radio industry and packaging industry. Adding a small amount of aluminum to some metals can greatly improve their performance. If a small amount of magnesium and copper are added to aluminum alloy stamping parts, tough aluminum alloy stamping parts can be produced.

Aluminum material is soft and easy to break, and it is not uncommon for some aluminum alloy stamping parts to be crushed, scratched, deformed in the subsequent processing, which also causes the expensive aluminum material.

In order to avoid wasting materials and save costs, we must pay attention to two aspects

1. Mold manufacturing

  • 1. The aluminum raw material should be covered with a PE film to prevent the aluminum scraps caused by the bending of the aluminum material, which may cause spot damage and indentation.
  • 2. For products with a large number of punching holes, even if one more project number is required, punch holes must be made from the back to the back.
  • 3. The aluminum material is particularly easy to crack when the edge is folded back, so the crimping line should be made wider, or even not crimped.
  • 4. Use a slow-moving wire to cut the knife edge of the aluminum part, which can prevent burrs and unsmooth blanking. The aluminum part is easy to be high-temperature, so the hardness of the punch should be as high as 60° or more. Use SKD11 material or more, and there should be no poor quality punches such as D2. Come to work.

2. Stamping production

  • 1. If you want to punch aluminum alloy stamping parts well and reduce the defect rate, you must first do 5S, especially it is necessary to clean the mold, punching table, etc. The mold must be clean and tidy to ensure that there is no debris.
  • 2. If the product has large burrs, it must be sent to the mold for repair in time and follow up to the result.
  • 3. The die push block will produce aluminum scraps as it is flattened. If it is not processed in time, the punch will bring these aluminum scraps into the strip during punching, which will cause the punch to wear out, so the push block must be completed every day Dispose of all the aluminum scraps under the push block. To
  • 4. Aluminum parts are easy to accumulate and heat up and become hard. We can apply some pressure oil on the material when punching and cutting, which can play a role in heat dissipation and dredge the blanking, and then press.

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How to avoid unnecessary cost waste of aluminum alloy stamping parts

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