How to choose a medical mask?

We can pay attention to the following points When choosing a medical mask:


1. Top sheet uses high quality three ply PP non-woven materials, eliminating static treatment, to ensure no harm to the skin without stimulation;


2. Filter layer fabric meets NELSON laboratory accreditation, the maximum filter effect (BFE) up to 99.8% with Antibacterial effect;


3. In the masks above the fog protection with hot melt adhesive fixed lens, which can effectively prevent the splashing liquid or solid splash flying on the eye;


4. Fixed use of non-latex components ear with a special fiber material, moderate intensity, which will not press on the nerves;


5. Professional design, glasses that prevent fog, comfortable nasal ensure call clarity;


— Widely used material is polypropylene, including Spun-bond & Melt-blown. Material like spunlace or other non woven material are also available.

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