How to choose the hydraulic pump of servo hydraulic press

The hydraulic pump is the power component of the hydraulic system. It is driven by the engine or motor, sucking oil from the hydraulic oil tank to form a pressure oil discharge and sent to the performance component. According to the structure, the hydraulic pump is divided into gear pump, plunger pump, vane pump and screw pump. For any equipment, the hydraulic pump will play the most critical role, especially for the servo Hydraulic Press. During the actual operation, the hydraulic pump is equivalent to the heart. The selection of the hydraulic pump will be directly related to the final operation function of the equipment. How to select the hydraulic pump of the servo hydraulic press.

When selecting the hydraulic pump of the servo hydraulic press, we should investigate the energy equipment of the system. All the supply of the whole system is oil, and as the heart system, we can make a useful analysis from the operating conditions. We should look at the operating cycle of the system of the equipment, which is basically understood from the two stages of low pressure or relatively large flow. When the hydraulic pump of the servo hydraulic press is actually selected, the fast forward process and the subsequent process will fundamentally have different effects on the operation. The ratio of flow to small flow is very large, and the corresponding time ratio is also very small, which shows that the whole servo hydraulic press system basically still operates in this mode in most of the operation cycles.

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