How to make a good flip top cap mould

Flip top cap mould is required much for different kinds of flip top caps for shampoo bottle,oil bottle,tomato sauce bottle and so on.It is very important to make the flip top cap mould well to get qualified flip top caps,because this is the first impression to the buyer about the goods quality.

For a good flip top cap mould,it means we could produce good flip top caps with same quality,and the flip top cap mould could run fully automatically with high production efficiency.For a good flip top cap,first,when push the flip top to close,there should have sound;when we open the flip top cap to a certain location,it could open fast by itself,this required the butterfly design and also suitable raw material for the flip top cap;when the flip top cap is closed with the bottle,it must have water proof function.

After we know the requirement for a good flip top cap,we could make the flip top cap mould accordingly.First,flip top cap mould design,the important is for injection gate location choosing,cooling system design and ejection structure design.After the mould design finished,our engineers will have a meeting to discuss about the mould movement to improve the mould structure.

Second,flip top cap mould tooling,we use stainless steel material for the core and cavity,which required twice tooling.The tooling accuracy is highly required,both for the matching and butterfly function.especially for the butterfly thickness,it will decide the flip top cap closing&opening stretch.

Third,flip top cap mould testing and production.The experience for machine setting is very important for this kind of mould,include the injection speed and pressure setting.Olny when we consider for all the factors,we could get a high quality flip top cap mould.

If you have any question about the flip top cap molding,please feel free to contact me.We could offer you a fine solution for the flip top cap molding.Thanks.

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