How to solve the problem of deformation in POM material processing?

The deformation of pom super steel material is mainly caused by several factors:
1. Clamping deformation, POM material is not like steel, the clamping will be deformed, and the product will return to its original state after loosening after rough machining.
2. Thermal deformation, a lot of heat will be generated during processing, and POM material is very sensitive to heat, resulting in deformation.
3. Elastic deformation, POM material has good toughness. When cutting, the product will be elastically deformed, and the product will recover a certain amount of deformation after the tool leaves.
In response to these factors, the following measures can be taken:
1. Before roughing, make the rough blank as a standard, and then roughen it, and try to process as many times as possible to reduce the amount of deformation. After rough processing, it can be boiled in a pot for about an hour, add salt, and the cooked product absorbs water, which is 20 times larger than the original. After finishing, the deformation will be reduced.
It can also be used as a vacuum suction cup or clip, which can be processed by glue, so that the deformation is small.
2. Use white steel knives (commonly known as high-speed steel knives) for processing instead of alloy knives, because white steel knives are very sharp and the heat generated during cutting is relatively small.
3. Do not cut too much. Leave some margin at the end of finishing and use a knife to light it. 4. There are many grades of POM polyoxymethylene materials. It is best to process the steel bars purchased on the market after annealing according to the standard temperature curve of the material to eliminate the internal stress and reduce the deformation after processing.
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